【Thank you!】ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibit in Osaka

October 30, 2010

ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibit in Osaka

Why not come and spend an afternoon at a relaxing gallery where you can take a look at Kyoko Harada’s photographs as the trams roll by?

Following the photo exhibit in Umeda Station, Gallery Ashitanohako in central Osaka City has kindly offered to let us hold another photo exhibit. If there were any photos that interested you in Umeda Station then please come by Gallery Ashitanohako so you can take a leisurely look at them!
And why not hop on the tram and have a lunch of the famous “kushikatsu” (deep-friend pork on skewers) on your way home?

Date: October 30 (Sat) – November 3 (Wed)
Time: 13:00-19:00 (Last day until 17:00)
Place: Gallery Ashitanohako (Japanese only)
*Entry is free

Elizabeth Oliver will attend the exhibit on the first day.
During the exhibit, we plan to see the ARK 2011 calendar and other ARK goods. You can also order photographs featured in the exhibit.

We look forward to seeing you there!