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New Book out on ARK!

January 3, 2009

We are pleased to introduce a new book on ARK stories written by Urara Takahashi, a children’s book author.

The book features a story of Chobi who was a Goodwill Ambassador for ARK which a wide variety of readers from children to adults will enjoy reading. This book is also an important time stamp for ARK as we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Author and Kumon publisher are generously contributing a portion of the royalty to ARK.

“Arigatou Chobi, Inochi wo sukuwareta inu tachi no monogatari”
(“Thank you Chobi, A story of rescued dogs”)
By Urara Takahashi Kumon Publisher
Price 1470 yen (tax included)

Order available at near by book shops or ARK office
(charges of 290 yen may apply for orders through ARK)

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