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Kobe - Neutering/Spaying Campaign

January 1, 2007

No More Homeless Animals Clinic Neutering/Spaying Campaign

In November of last year, the Animal Rescue System Foundation gained a foothold in Kobe by opening an Animal Neutering Clinic known as “No More Homeless Animal Clinic”. On March 1st they will begin their “First Strike Animal Neutering Campaign”

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On November 11th, the Animal Rescue System Foundation opened up a clinic named the “No More Homeless Animals Clinic” with the specialized purpose of stopping the over breeding of domestic animals. Resembling facilities across North America, this organization will be a 100% non-profit charity clinic. They will begin by performing neutering/spaying over a short period of time in a specific area concentrating on stray cats (the earliest they can be neutered/spayed is 2 months after birth). Over a five-year period, local authorities will make observations to see what kind of effect this operation has on the number of animals disposed of at government animal control facilities.

This “First Strike” will begin March 1st, before the spring breeding season begins, and run for three months. The “No More Homeless Animals Clinic” will be the core of our Neutering/Spaying campaign. If you would like additional information or have any questions feel free to make enquiries to the clinic via telephone or E-mail.

TEL: 078-857-3229
Please neuter and spay the cats around your area!