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Update on Saga 7th April 2007

January 1, 2007

Update on Saga 7th April 2007

Visited two hokensho in Saga on 2nd April, where the dogs given up by the rogue breeder were being kept. The number of dogs in both places had decreased significantly since the Prefecture has been actively finding homes for them At Karatsu hokensho seven Akitas remained. Two dogs had scabies but they were being treated. The conditions had improved since our last visit. The dogs had dry pallets to sleep on, they were being walked occasionally and by the welcome they gave the men who were looking after them, we could see they were much happier. We next went to Kito hokensho where only five dogs remained; two Akita, two Shibas and a Kaiken. The conditions again had improved with dry pallets, but we felt the dogs were being given less attention than those in Karatsu. They seemed aloof or indifferent when the employees went in. As we say, “dogs never lie about love.”
Since this visit we have heard that all the dogs have now been adopted after neutering.

We then went to the breeding place in Kashima but as the hokensho had told us all the remaining dogs had been transfered to the Koei Pet shop in Saga city with only a couple of Akitas left, as guard dogs on the premises.

The following day we went to the Kouei Pet Shop where conditions are the same. Dogs, mainly Shibas are still kept in miserable little cages. Some Shiba puppies were outside in an enclosure which means this man is still breeding.

May 31st 2007 is the deadline for breeders and pet shops to register under the new law and to have their premises inspected. The problem is how often this is done and how thorough the Prefecture is in its inspections. Breeders will clean up their places for the inspection but once that is over, they will revert to their old habits. Hopefully, Saga Prefecture having faced media pressure over its mishandling of the rogue breeder’s place will get its act together. The outcome of the prosecution is still unknown but we hope this particular breeder will be prevented from continuing his cruel business and give up all his dogs.