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【Thank you!】We need your help with large-scale rescue!

January 1, 2005

Request for donations for a large-scale rescue

These dogs have been cramped like canned sardines into small roofless cages in a corner of a broad field in Moriyama-shi, Shiga Prefecture. One man had gathered the dogs under the pretense of sheltering them. But as their numbers increased, so did the complaints from neighbors, and he was forced to move several times. This has ultimately resulted in the worst possible situation, with the man and the dogs ending up homeless. At present, several dogs need shelter facilities and food as well as medical treatment and neutering operations at veterinary hospitals/clinics.

These dogs will most likely die unless these problems are dealt with promptly. However, this organization currently does not have the economic means to take care of all of the dogs. In order to save these dogs, we would like to request cooperation from those who are willing to make donations and/or provide homes for one or more of them.

Postal banking account number: Yubinkyoku00970-2-267840 Daikibou Rescue Kikin