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【Thank you!】2016 ARK CALENDAR

December 10, 2015

2016Desktop Calendar SOLD OUT! Thank you very much!! [Dec. 12]

Just like the 2015 calendar, the 2016 calendar features all colour pictures. They were taken by professional photographer Kyoko Harada who captured many lively expressions on the faces of the animals at ARK.



SIZE : 30cm×23cm (folded) / 30cm×46cm (opened)


This year the desktop calendar features ARK Animals Photos by ARK staff!





Wall Calendar:1,000 yen (including tax, postage separate)
Desktop Calendar : 800 yen (including tax, postage separate)  Sold out

【POSTAGE FEES – Within Japan】
1~5 calendars :¥160
6~10 calendars :¥450
11~49 calendars :¥525
50 or more calendars:Free


Please include your name, address, postal code telephone number, number and types of calendars and send the information to one of the following:

E-mail :
Fax : 072-737-1886
Or call : 072-737-0712

Payment to be made after delivery, post office remittance slip attached.

The calendar will be ready from the end of September.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!