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【Thank you!】ARK Photo Exhibition at Yanase: Dogs' Lives, Cats' Lives, People's Lives

September 14, 2014

This year’s photo events kicked off in April with a six-week exhibition in Maebashi, Gumma. We are delighted to announce an exhibition at the Mercedes Benz Showroom Yanase Setagaya commencing on Saturday, July 12.




This will be the first time our animals have joined forces with Yanase and will be quite unlike anything we have done before!

We look forward to seeing you there!





Date: Saturday, July 12 – Sunday, August 3, 2014
※Please note that the closing date may be changed without notice.
Time: 10:00 – 18:00
Place: Official Mercedes Benz Dealership Yanase Setagaya Minami Showroom
Address: 4-26-5 Sakuragaoka, Setagay-ku, Tokyo 〒156-0054




* From Chitose Funabashi Station (Odakyu Line)
15 mins walk
No. 1 bus to Sanbonsugi
Bus for Den’enchofu Station to Sanbonsugi

* From Seijo Gakuenmae Station (Odakyu Line) Take a bus for Shibuya, Todoroki or Yoga (12 mins) to Sanbonsugi

* From Den’enchofu Station (Toyoko Line)
Bus for Chitose Funabashi Station (35 mins) to Sanbonsugi

* From Yoga Station (Denentoshi Line)
Bus for Seijo Gakuenmae Station (10 mins)