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2022 Calendars ready for sale!

September 27, 2021
2022 Calendars ready for sale!

 Two very special calendars to brighten

your desktop or wall are nearly ready to go!

Each calendar purchased helps us help animals in need!
Proceeds go directly to our animals and shelter facilities


Wall Calendar  ¥1000(tax included)

  2014壁掛け表紙_pブルー    orderform壁掛け1月 

Dimensions when closed: 30cm×23cm(A4 size) /when open 30cm×46cm (A3 size)

(Photography: Michael Thomas) 



Desktop  Calendars  ¥800(tax included)

2019年卓上表紙仕上       2019年卓上1月仕上

Dimensions: 14cm×20cm  (Photography by ARK staff)





 Available for purchase:

① Online Shop

Reduce shipping costs by purchasing multiple calendars at once on our online shop.

Browse our range of other ARK goods while your there and purchase them together. You can even make a donation!




② Email, phone or fax

 Please note that shipping varies from purchases at our online shop.

Calendars  Shipping fees 
1 – 5 ¥180
6 – 10 ¥470
11 – 49 ¥550
50+ no charge



Calendars will be despatched either by Japan Post or courier depending on the number purchased.

Fewer than 12 items will be sent via Japan Post.

When more than 12 calendars are purchased, they will be delivered by courier. Please let us know if you want to sign for the delivery in person.

※You may elect to have the calendars sent by courier regardless of number, but please note that there will be an extra charge for fewer than 12.

※Calendars will be despatched within two weeks of receipt of your order. We will make every effort to get them to you quickly. We ask your patience and cooperation.


Please find a payment slip enclosed with your calendars. We ask that payment be made in a timely fashion.



Please contact us at including:

  • Name
  • Address and postal code
  • Phone number
  • Quantity & type:  (eg: wall x 2 , desktop x 0)

※Please avoid accidental duplication of your order by using the order form enclosed with the Newsletter as well as one of the methods above, unless you are reordering.


Please call Osaka ARK
Phone: 072-737-0712
Business hours:10:00 – 16:00 (closed on Mondays & Wednesdays)
※Orders cannot be taken using voicemail



Please send your fax to Osaka ARK.
Fax: 072-737-1886

  • Name
  • Address and postal code
  • Phone number
  • Quantity & type:  (eg: wall x 2 , desktop x 0)


Order forms

An order form is enclosed with your Newsletter. We ask customers to pay postage.