ARK No. D51-46FF
Arrived at ARK August 2022
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born around August, 2007
Weight 11.2 kg (As of November 2022. We are currently trying to put more weight on Stash)
Breed Crossbreed
Background Stash was rescued as a stray.

Stash is a charming and very friendly former stray who we rescued when he was found wandering the streets. Although we do not know much about his background, what we do know is that he is very affectionate and kind hearted. Even to people he has never met before, he will come up to you for gentle pats and will adorably follow you around for cuddles. Although he is an older gentle-dog, he still enjoys his walks and will even run around happily! Stash is very gentle towards other dogs and seems to do quite well with them. He was quite underweight when we rescued him, so we are doing our best to put more weight on him. Sweet and gentle Stash would be a wonderful addition to a family and we truly hope, he finds a warm home to spend his golden years in.

Adoption Application