ARK No. D42−49X
Arrived at ARK April 2014
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Male
Age Born around April, 2012
Weight 18.6 kg
Breed Crossbreed
Background Rooster was a stray dog being fed by friendly neighbors. Someone brought him to ARK so that he wouldn’t be taken to the pound.

As an ex-stray, I’m a bit timid but have gotten much better in the time I’ve been here at ARK. The ever-friendly Thumbelina came in at the same time and I think her cheery ways rubbed off on me. If you catch me in a particularly good mood, I’ll even tap your shoulder with my paw for a good play. Walks were terrifying and I was always scared wherever we went, but progress has been made. I am much more relaxed on walks now. It takes a bit of time to get to know me, but you’ll soon see I’m affectionate and just need a little bit of love.

Adoption Application