ARK No. C14-118R
Arrived at ARK December 2008
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Female
Age Born around December, 2005
Weight 3.6kg
Background Pepper was found abandoned in a park before being rescued and brought to ARK.
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Lovely to make your acquaintance, my name is Pepper. I am an elegant older lady who enjoys the quiet life here at ARK. Nothing pleases me more than enjoying the company of my fellow feline friends, eating delicious and receiving gentle cuddles from my human visitors. Life was not always easy for me however. I was rescued after being abandoned in a scary park. This park was known to have plenty of stray cats being subjected to horrible abuse and I was terrified. After being left there, I was one of the more outspoken cats who would cry near the entrance in hopes to get rescued by a kind person. Luckily, this did happen and a good samaritan rescued me. They couldn’t keep me, but I was brought to ARK where I have been cared for ever since. Unfortunately, I contracted “FIV” while living in the park and as a result, it’s been difficult for me to get adopted…however, I would love to be sponsored in the meantime. As older girl like me is just as deserving of love and I have plenty of it to give, so please consider me as a sponsor kitty.

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