ARK No. D44-35Y
Arrived at ARK March 2015
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in May, 2012
Weight 21.8 kg
Breed Crossbreed
Background Lope was kept in a warehouse to starve to death, before being rescued.

Hello, Lope here! Looking at my handsome and sweet face, you would never guess I had such a horrific past. You see, I was kept in a warehouse to starve to death by some terrible people but was luckily rescued and brought to ARK. It is no surprise that when I first came to the shelter, I was erratic, confused, terrified and desperate to escape. It took me quite a long time to finally settle down and learn that not all people are bad. It has certainly taken me time to trust people again, but now I am content, at peace, and loved by everyone who comes to visit! I enjoy gentle pats and leisurely walks in the peaceful sanctuary at Sasayama ARK and really love being pampered by visitors. Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with a heart condition and because of this, I need to take it easy and go for gentle walks instead of running around the dog park, but I don’t mind at all! As long as I get to spend time outdoors and enjoy the company of people, I’m a happy doggo. I am on the lookout for a loving sponsor who will care for me from afar but also come visit me if they can, so if you think this may be you, please come visit me!

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