ARK No. TC22-08
Arrived at ARK April 2022
Location Tokyo ARK
Sex Female
Age Born around October, 2019
Weight 3.5kg
Background The former home owners moved and couldn’t take her.

Kijina, Ten, Zenjina and Ernie are all siblings. Zenjina doesn’t mind her siblings, but would be perfectly happy to be adopted alone. She rather likes just doing things when she wants to and seems to enjoy her own company.

She got her exotic name from the Japanese word for her beautiful stripey coat.

Kijina hadn’t really spent much time with people before coming to ARK and is still quite shy around them. She is currently living with two of her siblings in a foster home. When they were first rescued they would all have a few harsh words for family members who wanted to catch a glimpse, but have become quite used to the foster family and can relax in their presence.♪

Once you know her, her shyness and short temper are really part of her charm!

Adoption Application