Born around August, 2018


ARK No. D50-35EE
Arrived at ARK August 2021
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Female
Age Born around August, 2018
Weight 8.5kg
Breed Crossbreed
Background Kamala was one of the 164 dogs rescued from a hoarding situation in Shimane Prefecture.

Pleasure to meet you. My name is Kamala. I am quite a well-known dog here at ARK. You see, I was one of the 164 dogs that were rescued from a hoarder’s house in Shimane Prefecture….in fact, it even made the national news. My owner had never spayed or neutered her dogs and before we knew it, we were all living in a little house, with no space to move around. It was a terrible upbringing but considering this, I am super friendly and affectionate, and I love being carried around and getting lots of cuddles. My favourite hobby is curling up on a soft and comfy bed and taking a lovely nap. Unfortunately, I suffer from occasional fits and need to take seizure medication daily and undergo frequent check-ups. The fits can be tiring and a little unsettling, but apart from that, I am energetic, happy and always ready to play. I look forward to having a kind sponsor family who can come visit me anytime at Osaka ARK! Just be prepared for lots of snuggles!

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