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Volunteer applications for August 2024

June 10, 2024

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Animal Refuge Kansai. Our organization relies heavily on our network of dedicated volunteers who help make our shelter a more comfortable place for our animals and keep our facilities running.

Applications to volunteer for August 2024 are now open!

For those interested in volunteering at our shelter, please read the following information and apply via e-mail. We regret to inform you that we have temporarily suspended overnight stays at the shelter.

(For first time applicants)

Weekend applications: please be aware the number of people applying for weekend volunteer positions sometimes exceeds the number of posts available. Whenever possible, please apply for weekdays to increase the likelihood of getting your first preference.Thank you for your understanding.

 Osaka ARK (Nose)Sasayama ARK
Who can help? ・First time or experienced volunteers over 15 years of age.
※Our Nose facility can only accept Japanese speakers as first time volunteers.
 ・First time or experienced volunteers over 15 years of age.                                            
Shuttle serviceShuttle service is available on on August 3, 7, 16, 24,25
Leave Myokenguchi Station for ARK at 10 am. Leave ARK at 4 pm for Myokenguchi Station(The shuttle service is not available on other days.)
Shuttle service is available as follows.
Leave Deai park for ARK at 10:15 am. Leave ARK 3 pm for Deai Koen.
Leave Nissei Chuo Station for ARK at 10 am.
Leave ARK between 3 and 4 pm for Nissei Chuo Station.
The shuttle service is not available on the following days: August 17, 27
DutiesCleaning kennels & catteries, walking dogs, brushing and caring for all animals,
shampooing & grooming, cleaning the grounds, gardening
Cleaning kennels, walking, brushing and caring for dogs, shampooing & grooming, cleaning the grounds, mowing the grass, etc.

Please note:

  • Public transportation to Sasayama ARK is very limited. There is plenty of space to park at the facility, should you wish to drive there. Alternatively, you may reserve a spot on the ARK shuttle service provided for our volunteers.
  • Public transportation to Nose ARK is no longer available, due to the discontinuation of buses from April 2024.
  • If you are coming to Sasayama ARK on a weekday, take the Hankyu Bus leaving from Nissei-chuo Station at 9:40 a.m. (Kawanishi-Inagawa Route 41, bound for Sugio), get off at the Oshima Elementary Shogakko stop, and walk to Deai Koen. We will pick you up at Deai Koen. You can board the bus departing from Oshima Elementary School (Oshima Shogakko) at 15:21 on the way back. It is a one-minute walk from Oshima Elementary School to Deai Koen. (Click here for location details)
  • Timetable for Sugio:
  • Timetable for Nissei Chuo Station:
  • Please arrive at ARK by 10:30 am
  • Currently, we are only accepting groups of up to two volunteers at a time. You may choose to volunteer separately or as a pair. We regret that groups of three or more cannot be accepted at this time.
  • If you feel unwell or are concerned that you will not be able to take part in volunteering, please inform us of your cancelation as soon as possible.

Dates available for volunteering (August 2024)

Thursday, August 1 Saturday, August 31

(Applications to volunteer for consecutive days are also accepted)

Volunteering Application Deadline (for July 2024)

Please send us an e-mail anytime between July 10th  –  July 20th (16:00 pm) at with the subject as “volunteer application”. Please include the following information in the e-mail.

  • Your first and last name
  • Whether or not you speak Japanese
  • Your telephone number (if applying on behalf of others,  please include their phone numbers)
  • Your preferred date(s)
  • Whether or not this is your first time volunteering
  • Whether or not you need transport

When you will hear back from ARK:

Once applications close, we will review applications and allocate dates. You will be notified by email.  We will try to give all volunteers their first preference, but cannot guarantee to do so. We appreciate your understanding and patience.